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It's time to learn how to be attracted to what's healthy, one session at a time.

For effective & consistent support to you as you lift the veil of denial and non-reality and make the choice to leave the garden of ignorance until you can more clearly see you. For Real this time. Not alone, AND on your own.™️



Donald Winnicott was a famous psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and English pediatrician who developed an interesting approach to the human personality. Due to his training as a pediatrician, he focused his thoughts, reflections and theories on children. 


And, in particular, on the relationship between the mother and baby, and the consequences of this relationship. Apart from this, he also developed the interesting theory of the false self.


He worked together with the famous psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, and even treated one of his own children with her. He was also president of the British Psychoanalytic Society and a very famous thinker of the twentieth century.


“With games, and only with games, can the child or the adult create, and use their whole personalities, and the individual only discovers his personality when he becomes a creator”.

-Donald Winnicott-


During his life, he also put forward the concepts of “good enough mother” and “ordinary devoted mother”. In the same way, his concept of the “transitional object” , something that many schools of psychology have adopted.


“Poets, philosophers and seers have always concerned themselves with the idea of a true self, and the betrayal of the self has been a typical example of the unacceptable.” 

(D.W. Winnicott, The Concept of the False Self)​