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It's finally all about You, Your self & Why.  From your point of you.

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- Licensed  Marriage  &  Family  Therapist  mfc101500 -

It's time to learn how to be attracted to what's healthy, one session at a time.

For effective & consistent support to you as you lift the veil of denial and non-reality and make the choice to leave the garden of ignorance until you can more clearly see you. For Real this time. Not alone, AND on your own.™️

Timothy Rogers, MA. LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist mfc101500

I'm Tim Rogers and I'm a California State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (also considered a Licensed Psychotherapist) who holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and am in pursuit of a PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. I have extensive experience in successfully treating the development of ineffective personality structures (who we have understood ourselves to be due to trauma) by addressing the inaccurate self-loathing beliefs which misinforms that personality structure throughout our entire lives.


Just as not every therapist is a good fit for every client, there are particular aspects of a client's personality that I've found work best with me.  As with most therapists, I utilize an eclectic orientation when working with people. I am both Cognitive Behavioral and Psychoanalytically trained.  However, there are specific modalities from which I have found works best for me and for those with whom I work. For a more thorough understanding of each one, please click on the modality you are looking to find more information on:


Transference-Focused Psychotherapy, Metallization Therapy and A.E.D.P. Therapy. 


Depending on the client, the need and their demeanor, I conceptualize that the bottom line to why anyone participates in psychotherapy is as a function for the discovery of Self-identity. Yes, it may be a crisis (infidelity, school issues, loss of a relationship) that brings you in. However, those with whom I've been privileged enough to work, deciding to look at your Self and therefore choosing a life worthy of examining (with more curiosity than criticism), is a much deeper, powerful, moving and significant part of the overall equation of a purposeful life.


Those with whom I work best

Based on both my professional and personal background, I am best able to relate to those who have an eclectic mix of culturally rich, empathic (almost to a 'fault') nature. I am my brand. You are yours. Many of my clients are high profile artists/writers, successfully creative empaths, attorneys, psychology graduate students. as well as licensed mental health professionals. Often those of us who have learned about life or gained knowledge about ourSelves, did so paying close attention to others (and our own) social interactions throughout and since childhood. 


Doing for others who may not be able to do for you in the same way

You may have a wonderfully successful career, a loving relationship or may have actually found your purpose in life (or none of the above). You might still continue to struggle with Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence or the deepest of these three rings of real Self: Self-Worth. You may find that the kinds of relationships you "find (or lose) your Self" in are significantly influenced by what you are telling people about how you feel about your Self, without saying a single negative Self-deprecating word.  As a conventional or unconventional creative or empathic person, you may have been able to successfully help, support and provide insight for others in their lives. 


The crazy ones are not the ones in therapy

You tend to be better able to be emotionally savvy on stage, on set or in the writer's room, the boardroom but rarely, if ever in the bedroom. Yet you have consistently expressed the very real emotional pain of a lifetime of vas loneliness, consistent confusion and such a strong disconnection from your feelings, that it may feel you don't have any. You may have been criticized by others (and undoubtedly your Self) for "over thinking," or possessing such a severe lack of empathy for others that you would "only" be equal to that of a "psycho" or "sociopath." 



You could be crippled with internal insecurities, high anxiety (panic attacks) or Depression (lack of vitality) and/or the extremes of all of the above, Yet, you also have an almost superhero-like ability to provide others with deep insight or effective solutions to their problems. 

If this sounds at all like you or someone you love, then you (and/or they) will also find that you are moving through the world and feeling incredibly disappointed and intensely alone. This aloneness is experienced so viscerally and can build such deep contempt and powerful resentment toward others. This can be because you feel you have no one is in YOUR corner. No one who seems as authentically curious about you or so acutely observant in anticipating your needs at the high level of mindfulness that you have and continue to be for everybody else.

I work from a Jungian perspective although I first make sure that whatever has you feeling the most emotionally safe in our work, that's the best approach for me. Working with intellectually gifted as well as those who have a particularly high Emotional Intelligent quotient, has helped me help others become aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact others (positively and negatively).


relationships are meant to be enjoyed not survived

I also encourage people to reflect on the origin and meaning of their experiences. During this process, we discover how patterns of relationship and thought mi​ght stand in the way of living a more authentically free, personally satisfying, purposeful, and vibrant lives. I provide a safe, comfortable environment that supports my clients' efforts to navigate challenging circumstances, and create paths of fulfillment that are uniquely and truly their own. Ultimately, I agree with what my own therapist says, about this often misunderstood and stigmatized process: "Therapy succeeds when it helps people align with their deeper Selves, and discover an individual sense of meaning and purpose."


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