rogers  famIly  therapy  &  real  self centered 

It's finally all about You, Your self & Why.  From your point of you.

t I m o t h y  r o g e r s,  m a,  l m f t 

- Licensed  Marriage  &  Family  Therapist  mfc101500 -

It's time to learn how to be attracted to what's healthy, one session at a time.

For effective & consistent support to you as you lift the veil of denial and non-reality and make the choice to leave the garden of ignorance until you can more clearly see you. For Real this time. Not alone, AND on your own.™️

professional fees reflect the allotted time where talent, skill, training & mindfulness met.

- All payments will be recorded using the platform ivy pay  <----- click here to find out how ivy pay works - 

I accept the following ways to pay----->  CASH, CHECK & ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, & CASH APP 

payment is due at the Time of each session

$200 / 50 min

individual adults

It is not until you have the courage to engage in human relationships that you grow. 

$250 / 90 min


Relationships are meant to be 

enjoyed not survived.

$300 /90 min

Families of 3 +

Pain travels through families until someone has is ready to express it.