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“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence

is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”


In the “end,” your symptoms consistently managed to the point of extinction, your Self prioritized and your feelings (and therefore you) valued, your therapy can terminate with revealing your purpose. Think of this phase of therapy not so much as the why are you here, but how will you get started? Unearthing your answer to the mystery of your existence is not only “next level” therapy, it can actually be the point. Now that you have more accurate information about your Self, that's when the real work can begin! In accepting, implementing and mentoring others with the good that we know, feel and behave like we are. What seemed impossible or overwhelming in life can now be considered more consistently relieving because we know, feel and behave in ways that says to our Selves and others (in that order): "I matter."

relationships are meant to be enjoyed not survived

I also encourage people to reflect on the origin and meaning of their experiences. During this process, we discover how patterns of relationship and thought mi​ght stand in the way of living a more authentically free, personally satisfying, purposeful, and vibrant lives. I provide a safe, comfortable environment that supports my clients' efforts to navigate challenging circumstances, and create paths of fulfillment that are uniquely and truly their own. Ultimately, I agree with what my own therapist says, about this often misunderstood and stigmatized process: "Therapy succeeds when it helps people align with their deeper Selves, and discover an individual sense of meaning and purpose."