Timothy Rogers, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist mfc101500

rogers family therapy & real self centered, inc.

It's all about You, Your Self & Why. From your point of you.

Us as we by the me you let me be

By being the you you feel you want to be seen by me

For me, For you, (In that order)

 So We can be Our own 

Me within Our We

Can I be me without our we? <-------> Are you you within our we?

How can we be our own me within our own we? 

You don't own me

I don't own you 

So, how can it be to be we and still be me?

Here's how:


the more of you you are

the more of you, you are

the more of me I can be

the more me and we can be

the more of me and we, can be?

the more of we we'll see

the more we we see

the more of you and me will be

the more of we we be

the more of we we see ...

the more you see me

the more I see you:


I see you

you see me

That is us as we.

Me, You, All in order, see.