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It's finally all about You, Your self & Why.  From your point of you.

t I m o t h y  r o g e r s,  m a,  l m f t 

- Licensed  Marriage  &  Family  Therapist  mfc101500 -

It's time to learn how to be attracted to what's healthy, one session at a time.

For effective & consistent support to you as you lift the veil of denial and non-reality and make the choice to leave the garden of ignorance until you can more clearly see you. For Real this time. Not alone, AND on your own.™️

Health & Safety Code § 124260

“[A] minor who is 12 years of age or older may consent to [outpatient] mental health treatment or counseling services if, in the opinion of the attending professional person, the minor is mature enough to participate intelligently in the mental health treatment or counseling services.” Health & Saf. Code § 124260.


Now obviously most young people over the age of 12 do not have the means to pay for therapy, so I encourage all of them to sign an agreement which permits me the right to discuss any financial matter or anything he/she/they deem necessary regarding the content of therapy.


It is also extremely important and ethically and legally mandated that I inform any potential client of the limitations to anyone's confidentiality during the therapeutic process,



Marriage and Family Therapists are encouraged to inform patients as to certain exceptions to confidentiality such as child abuse reporting, elder and dependent adult abuse reporting, and patients dangerous to themselves or others.