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Timothy Rogers, M.A.,L.M.F.T. verified by Find A Therapist Featured

"The serious problems of life, however, are never fully solved.

If it should for once appear that they are, this is the sign that something has been lost.

The meaning and design of a problem seem not to lie in its solution, but in our working at it incessantly." 

- Carl Jung

Welcome and thank you for considering me and the work I do. It is my hope that this website will answer many of your questions as you search for information regarding professional support for you or someone(s) you care about. However, I also acknowledge that a website alone is not going to provide you with that feeling of relief which says, "I found someone with whom I connect and believe can really help me."

So, I invite you to take a serious look over the information provided, and allow your Self to build on that intuition of yours which brought you to my website in the first place. Even if you feel it wasn't your intuition, but a suggestion or a referral that brought you here, I am grateful that you are here, and want you to know that no matter how, what or who you end up deciding to work with, I believe you've already succeeded in achieving one of the main goals of Therapy: Balance.

Balancing our emotional reactions (Feelings), with our internal commentary or external judgement (Thoughts) and our way of putting money where our mouth is (Behaviors) just by finding my website, you've successfully participated in what any Therapist will admit is the point to getting support. To have our Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviors align in a way that says to the world: I am okay. I genuinely feel alright. 

If we can consistently feel a sense of balance between the feelings that come up for us (emotional reactions), the thoughts that almost always immediately follow (whether it's negative or encouraging), and the behavior that pretty much makes those feelings and thoughts concrete? 

action to your thought of finding a therapist, and combined perhaps with feelings of exhaustion, fear, frustration and/or confusion; you are moving your Feelings, Thoughts and into behavior(s). Behaviors toward the priority of your Self, and that is something to not only be proud of, but it also proves how much you actually already know about your Self, and what you will and will not tolerate in your life in order to feel satisfied. Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you when you're most ready.