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Congratulations!! You've just taken the first step toward changing how you've been feeling in your life. Whether you are looking for yourself, or for someone you care about, the energy it took to get here already says how resourceful, resilient and ready you are to find out how exactly to change the dissatisfying aspects of your life.

Our relationships are the answer to a satisfying life, period. 

Whether they are platonic, romantic, familial, or career based, who we are and how we feel about ourselves in each of our interpersonal relationships, tells us whether we are living satisfying, meaningful and productive lives. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as you look for someone to help you and/or someone you love navigate the many paths toward self-acceptance and truly authentic self expression.

I hope this site helps give you a quick sense of me and how I work. I encourage you to contact me directly by leaving a private message on my confidential voice mail, email or text for an initial meeting to see if it feels to you like a good fit. The number is (424) 239.8495 or email at [email protected]

Individual Therapy 

Individual work involves sitting with a mental health professional, who actively listens & responds to you. It can provide relief from internal struggles by teaching effective coping tools & address underlying issues that contribute to unsatisfying behaviors.

Adults, Teens & Kids

Couples Therapy

Helping partners & various family members to gain insight into those confusing & frustrating aspects of your relationship. With me you will also learn practical skills to keep the positive parts of your relationship while minimizing the challenging ones.

Infidelity,  Communication Problems, Pre-marital Counseling

Family Therapy 

This therapy involves the presence of all or most of your family members focusing on the unique relationship between each member. This can help shift those relationships and establish more satisfying and authentic emotional connections for everyone in your family.

Welcoming to

ALL Modern Families