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Helping people learn how to be attracted to what's healthy by rebuilding themselves one session at a time.


Rogers Family Therapy is a private practice co-owned and operated by husband and wife Tim and Tiffany Rogers. A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and an MFT Trainee (supervised by Ifat Peled, PsyD Lic#28021) as well as a California State Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor respectively. 

Rogers Family Therapy is a committed team of clinicians dedicated to help end the stigma of psychotherapy within marginalized communities. We work with diverse populations and reminding everyone that possessing an awareness of self and accepting that our emotional intelligence is a competitive advantage in having experiencing immediate change in our lives.... one session at a time.

Partnering with you, we provide strong, professional and welcoming mental health services to others like you who view authenticity as a core value. Rogers Family Therapy is a safe place where you, your partner, members of your family, and any young person in your life will find real relief from within. You will also be a valued member of a therapeutically-minded community where groups, workshops and individual work serve as bragging rights toward a healthy sense of you.

We successfully treat family dysfunction, ineffective communication between partners, and childhood traumas which present to the world as drug & alcohol abuse, infidelity or "personality disorders." All of which we have successfully coped with n the past, but which are no longer relevant presently and will only hurt us in the future.

We invite you to leave either one of us a confidential voice mail message by calling:

Tim at  (424) 239-8495  or Tiffany at (818) 533-8672  or by sending us an email by clicking  here . C'mon, you've come this far.  It’s time to learn how to be attracted to what’s healthy.