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It's all about YOU. YOUR SELF & WHY. From your point of you.

Welcome to effective Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Effective psychotherapy can be about recovering by rediscovering one’s own voice. Ironically this unearthing of courage for Self expression, provides the substructure necessary for true success. When we find ourselves able to tolerate our good because of a mindful, validating and authentic relationship that has boundaries, the opportunity for consistent Self acceptance, and a much more accurate perspective (and therefore Self-forgiveness) of our childhood silence can be experienced.


To be provided with an opportunity to return from a Self imposed exile of silence that, while effective in childhood is no longer in adulthood, is recovery for those children who have retreated into themSelves.


In effective therapy, those children whose silent Selves and lost childhoods find their adult Selves so very alone, can recover and discover solace in Self. No longer victimized by the traumatic coping strategies of the adults around them, they speak up to their truth more and rediscover, redefine and are better able to relate to a healthier (and much more satisfying) brand of success:

Liking themSelves--->Liking what they do &

Liking how they do it.