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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist           &      Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor  

                  MFC LIC# 101500                                                 MFT Trainee 

Rogers Family Therapy is a private practice co-owned and operated by husband and wife Tim and Tiffany Rogers. A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and an MFT Trainee (supervised by Ifat Peled, PsyD Lic#28021) as well as a California State Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor respectively. Rogers Family Therapy is a committed team of clinicians dedicated to help end the stigma of psychotherapy within marginalized communities, and promote self-awareness and emotional intelligence is a competitive edge in bringing authentic change in people's lives one session at a time.

We are in the business of providing strong professional mental health services, and are made up of mindful clinical teams whose core value is the consistent well-being of those with whom we are privledged enough to work. Rogers Family Therapy is not only an emotionally safe place from which we base our individual private practices where we see Families, Adult Individuals, Kids, Teens and Couples, but it is also a therapeutic environment where we produce psycho-educational workshops for parents & kids, as well as, facilitate clinically supportive men's and women's groups.

We successfully treat family dysfunction, ineffective communication between partners, and childhood traumas. Childhood traumas which present to the world as drug & alcohol abuse, infidelity or the development of personality disorders.

We invite you to leave either one of us a private and confidential message by calling  (424) 239-8495 (Tim) or ( 818) 533-8672 (Tiffany) here on our website (, or emailing at [email protected].


C'mon, you've come this far! Let our family guide you and/or members of your family toward a more familial place. It’s time to learn how to be attracted to what’s healthy.

Individual Therapy 

Individual work involves sitting with a mental health professional who actively listens & responds to you. It can provide relief from internal struggles by teaching effective coping tools & address underlying issues that contribute to unsatisfying behaviors. Individual work includes working with Adults, Kids and teenagers with histories of trauma including neglect, physical & emotional abuse.


Couples Therapy

Helping partners & various family members to gain insight into those confusing & frustrating aspects of your relationship. With me you will also learn practical skills to keep the positive parts of your relationship while minimizing the challenging ones. Couples with histories of trauma, including neglect, physical & emotional abuse could benefit deeply from couples therapy.

Infidelity,  Communication Problems, Pre-marital Counseling

Family Therapy 

This therapy involves the presence of all or most of your family members focusing on the unique relationship between each member. This can help shift those relationships and establish more satisfying and authentic emotional connections for everyone in your family. We have a strong clinical focus on working with those families  whose members have been diagnosed with a personality disorder(s).


ALL Modern Families